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Ballance 2 Game Free Download Full Versionl !FULL!

The full post-jam version contains a new story game mode with multiple difficulties, a reworked interface, accessibility settings, some rebalancing, and more unique new cards!

Ballance 2 Game Free Download Full Versionl


So currently I'm playing the gamejam version, as I was curious to see what had won (congrats by the way guys!!) and as soon as I get my next paycheck I'll be coming right back here to get the full version! This game is awesome! Way to make an incredible twist on chess while still keeping it strategy based!

I can get to that page, but it wants me to link my Steam account to get my key, which isn't working for some reason. I have the game downloaded from, but the Steam Key attainment feature is not working from there.

Owning the game on Steam doesn't get you the Itch version but the good news is you can mod the Steam version just as well. The Sample mod here can be downloaded for free, and it works for both versions. You can get some help (and other, actual mods) on our Discord if you'd like:

In situations beyond that, you can still fire - you just have to burn through all your shields first. (You get them all back after your shot, natch, assuming you lived.) There's a reason shield quantity is freely adjustable - once one is good enough at the game (or is already a chess grandmaster and isn't about to blunder), shields only get in the way.

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