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Breakfast At Tiffany's

Early one morning, a taxi pulls up in front of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store and from it emerges elegantly dressed Holly Golightly, carrying a paper bag containing her breakfast. After looking into the store's window displays, she strolls to her apartment and has to fend off her date from the night before.

Breakfast at Tiffany's


The point is, practically everyone knows what Tiffany's implies and the unspoken, almost-royalty that comes with it. That little blue box is highly coveted by many and if someone has been lucky enough to get one, that speaks volumes. What many people don't realize, though, is that there's also a cafe inside of the NYC store on Fifth Avenue called The Blue Box... and that having 'breakfast at Tiffany's' could be a reality.

Scoring reservations at the Blue Box Cafe was tough enough when it was open through 2020, and it's likely to be just as challenging in 2022. However, that doesn't mean the experience isn't worth it. Fans of that classic blue box and anything it could possibly hold can look forward to a breakfast that's nothing short of elegant and, currently, the cafe is undergoing a renovation that's sure to have its second debut sparkling even more than the first.

For those thinking that dining at Blue Box Cafe is a luxurious experience, they'd be correct. When the cafe was open prior to 2021 (before it was closed for renovations) there was at least a 30-day waitlist at all times. That's how coveted the experience was and how lucrative the chance to literally have breakfast at Tiffany's - but can anyone be blamed? It's Tiffany's, for goodness sake!

According to Business Insider, Blue Box Cafe was one of the most in-demand breakfast spots in all of the city during 2019 after its opening back in 2017. With the exterior wall facing Fifth Avenue, large windows not only allow light but permit views over the iconic upscale avenue, as well, only adding to the experience. Those lucky enough to have dined in the cafe prior to its renovation closing claim the tables featured various merchandise from the store, along with menus that had a variety of options - all Tiffany's-themed, of course. Even the dishes match the iconic Tiffany blue that stretched across everything in the restaurant - something guests can likely expect more of upon its reopening. With unlimited coffee in hand, silverware that costs more than most of us would ever be comfortable spending on it, and linens that make one fear dropping the smallest crumb, the food is equally as formidable.

It's unclear whether or not Blue Box Cafe on Fifth will feature the same menu but if it's anything like that of the one pre-2021, it's bound to be delicious. Here are the breakfast dishes (and their prices):

"Tuesday morning, I, too, tried to have breakfast at Tiffany's," she wrote. "Two men of incredible poise, both in suits and one with a posh British accent, told me calmly what they must have told dozens of hopefuls before me: in fact, people had begun to line up at midnight."

Sarah and I chose the "Breakfast at Tiffany option," which came with a bowl of fruit, a croissant with various types of spreads: Nutella, honey butter or sour cherry-cranberry jam. Each entrée for "breakfast at Tiffany's" was served with a choice of tea or coffee.

Holly suffers from bouts of anxiety (the "mean reds"), and finds spending time at Tiffany & Co. calming. She feels "nothing very bad" can happen to a person in such elegant surroundings. Though she clearly aspires to own beautiful and expensive things, it also seems she yearns for the sense of stability and protection she associates with wealth. She sometimes gets a breakfast pastry in the morning and takes it with her to look in the store. When she spends a day with Paul, she takes him to Tiffany & Co., so they can look at all the fine jewelry, and he can experience one of her favorite places. 041b061a72


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