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How to Install and Use Game Mod IO APK for Android Games and Apps

To download - Battle Royale mod from need enable the option "Unknown Sources".1. Click on the above link to download - Battle Royale mod APK.2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

Welcome to the official documentation for, an API for developers to add mod support to their games. We recommend you read our Getting Started guide below to accurately and efficiently consume our REST API.

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Once you have added your game to and got your game ID and API key, you can start integrating the REST API into your game, tools and sites. There are 3 options to get connected which you can use interchangeably depending on your needs. Here's the breakdown of each option.

All users and games are issued an API key which must be included when querying the API. It is quick and easy to use but limited to read-only GET requests, due to the limited security it offers. If you want players to be able to add, edit, rate and subscribe to content, you will need to use an authentication method that generates an OAuth 2 Access token. These authentication methods are explained in detail here.

At the moment it is not possible to open the website in-game with the user pre-authenticated, however you can provide a hint by appending ?portal=PORTAL to the end of the URL. What this tells, is that when the user attempts to perform an action that requires authentication, they will be prompted to login with their PORTAL account. For example if you want to take a mod creator to their mod webpage in-game on Steam, the URL would look something like: =steam. You can optionally add &login=auto as well to automatically start the login process. Supported portals can be found here.

If you would like tokens issued through your game to have a shorter lifespan, you can do this by providing the date_expires parameter on any endpoint that returns an access token such as the Email Exchange or Authenticate via Steam endpoints. If the parameter is not supplied, it will default to 1 year from the request date, if the supplied parameter value is above one year or below the current server time it will be ignored and the default value restored.

To manage games and mods via the API we use the fields status and visible. The values of these fields determines what is returned in API requests, so it is important to understand who is authorized to view what content.

Games and mods use the status attribute allowing game admins to control their availability. For mods this is important because it allows game admins to control which mods are available without changing the visible value set by the mod admin. Not accepted is the default value until changed by a game admin, or if a file is added to a mods profile it will be moved to an accepted state (provided the game developer has elected "not to curate" new mods):

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As a game admin, you can modify your games status to show or hide it from API requests. When a game is not accepted you can still view it provided you are the games admin or using the games api_key. You can call Get User Games endpoint to retrieve all games associated with the authenticated user regardless of their status.

By default mods connected to a game will not be returned if they are hidden or not accepted. As a game admin, you can modify a mods status and visible fields and filter by these values (to view content normal users cannot see). We recommend you only change the status and let mod admins control the visible field.

Due to the requirement of certain status & visible values only being available to administrators. We have restricted the amount of filters available for non-game admins and thus for both of these fields only direct matches = and -in are permitted. Attempting to apply game admin filters without the required permissions will result in a 403 Forbidden error response.

All endpoints are sorted by the id column in ascending order by default (oldest first). You can override this by including a _sort with the column you want to sort by in the request. You can sort on all columns in the parent object only. You cannot sort on columns in nested objects, so if a game contains a tags object you cannot sort on the tag name column, but you can sort by the games name since the games name resides in the parent object. has powerful filtering available to assist you when making requests to the API. You can filter on all columns in the parent object only. You cannot apply filters to columns in nested objects, so if a game contains a tags object you cannot filter by the tag name column, but you can filter by the games name since the games name resides in the parent object.

To help familiarize yourself with the API and to ensure your implementation is battle-hardened and operating as intended, we have setup a test sandbox which is identical to the production environment. The test sandbox allows you to make requests to the API whilst your integration is a work in progress and the submitted data is not important. When you are ready to go live it's as easy as adding your game to the production environment, substituting the test API URL for the production API URL, and updating the api_key and game_id you are using to the values from your games profile on production.

To begin using the test sandbox you will need to register a test account and add your game. You w