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Wiz Khalifa - Its Nothin Ft. 2 Chainz LINK

It's just a three watches, asshole!One platinum, one white, one rose goldDrive a solid gold Rolls to the Rose Bowl.Rose in the club for my rose home!Man fuck these niggas I got blow goals,I count money all night, I need some no-doze,Here to try, I want it easy, I need a bankrollAll the money I the trunk, bitch the bank rollI go hard in the mother fucking kitchen, nigga,Got me standing at that water like I'm fishing, nigga!Never know about me, I pull a bass outDrop a 250 in and pull a half outHad to do it for the town and the trap niggasMe and 2 chains, it's over for you rap niggas!And nothin says butter like parkayAnd nothin make them J's stutter like hard yay

Wiz Khalifa - Its Nothin ft. 2 Chainz



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