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Brazilian Wife

The jewelry with diamonds gifted to former President Jair Bolsonaro and his wife Michelle Bolsonaro by the Saudi government, which was seized by customs officials, is seen at SÃo Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, in Guarulhos, Brazil, on Tuesday. Amanda Perobelli/Reuters hide caption

brazilian wife

Bolsonaro stands next to his wife Michelle during a military officers promotion ceremony, at Planalto Palace in Brasília, on Aug. 4, 2022. Evaristo SA/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

She said not only does the scandal implicate the former president, but also complicates the Michelle Bolsonaro's political future. She "is supposed to be a new leader of the far right in Brazil. So, I think that is very damaging for both Bolsonaro and his wife," Campello added.

The police obtained an arrest warrant for Barbosa Anderson Robson, 33, for allegedly stabbing his 29-year-old wife Manami Aramaki and their 3-year-old daughter Lily multiple times sometime between Aug. 20 and 21. The two were found dead in an apartment room in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, on Aug. 24.

The man - identified only as a 43-year-old from Sao Jose do Rio Preto - realised something was afoot when he noticed a strange odour coming from his wife's private parts, Portuguese news outlet tvi24 said.

"Macron said that they are setting fire to the Amazon. President [Bolsonaro] replied, and said that Macron's wife is ugly. The president told the truth, she is ugly. But there is no ugly woman, there is only a woman observed from the wrong angle. And there is this insult," the minister said.

Lula, as the Brazilian president is known, and his wife arrived at the South Lawn portico, where they were greeted by Biden before heading into the White House. Reporters shouting questions about the U.S. shooting down a high-altitude aerial device Friday over Alaska were ignored by the leaders.

On the deck of their Great Jones apartment, Bonobos founder Andy Dunn, his wife Manuela Zoninsein, and their first child, Izzo, sit on a Gloster sofa that features a teak wood frame. The family-owned outdoor furniture company is dedicated to ethically sourced materials and sustainability. (For every eucalyptus tree the brand cuts down to hand-craft their designs it plants two more.) The end table behind Dunn is also by Gloster.

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazilian woman Sabine Coll Boghici, 48, was arrested on Wednesday on allegations she was part of a bizarre scheme to defraud her 82-year-old mother, Genevieve Boghici, the wife of the late art collector Jean Boghici, out of money, artwork and jewelry totaling some 724 million reais ($142.42 million).

Testifying at the beginning of a trial that has gripped millions of soap opera fans, Guilherme de Padua said his ex-wife Paula de Almeida Thomaz killed actress Daniella Perez four years ago by stabbing her 18 times with a pair of scissors.

Their age difference seems to have breathed new energy into Lula, whose first wife, Maria de Lourdes, died in 1971. In 2017, he lost his second wife of four decades, Marisa Leticia Rocco, to a stroke.

"When you lose your wife, and you think, well, my life has no more meaning, suddenly a person appears who makes you feel like you want to live again," he told Time magazine in an interview published just before he remarried.

By Paulo Prada RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - A Rio de Janeiro policeman confessed to murdering Greece's ambassador to Brazil in what investigators on Friday called a "cowardly act" carried out at the direction of the diplomat's Brazilian wife with whom the officer was romantically involved. Ambassador Kyriakos Amiridis, 59, was missing since Monday night. Françoise, his Brazilian wife and the mother of their 10-year-old daughter, reported him missing to police on Wednesday. Officer Sergio Moreira, 29, confessed to police on Friday that he killed the ambassador late Monday night in the Rio de Janeiro home the Amiridises owned in Nova Iguaçu, a hardscrabble neighborhood in the city's sprawling, violent northern outskirts. Investigator Evaristo Magalhaes told reporters that Françoise, 40, and Moreira had arranged the murder a few days in advance. Both Amiridis' wife and the officer are in custody. Police have also detained a cousin of the officer, who Magalhaes said acted as a lookout while the crime was committed and helped carry the body from the house with the promise that he would be paid 80,000 reais ($25,000). "This was a tragic, cowardly act, but we worked tirelessly to crack this case as soon as possible," Magalhaes told a news conference. "It was a crime of passion." Brazilian President Michel Temer, in a letter addressed to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, said the ambassador's killing had caused him profound sadness and he extended his condolences to the ambassador's family, friends and the Greek people. The Greek embassy in Brasilia declined to comment. In Athens, Greek foreign ministry spokesman Stratos Efthymiou said the government also had no comment. Amiridis served as Greece's consul general in Rio from 2001 to 2004. He was Greece's ambassador to Libya from 2012 until he took the top Brazil post at the beginning of 2016. BLOOD ON COUCH Magalhaes said that blood was found on a couch inside the home and the ambassador was likely stabbed to death as no shots were reported in the area. However, he said it was not yet possible to determine the exact cause of death because the policeman had burned the ambassador's body in an attempt to cover up the crime. A burned corpse was found on Thursday evening inside the car that Amiridis and his wife had rented. It was parked under a highway overpass in the area where the couple had been staying. On Thursday, police confirmed that the ambassador had been missing since Monday night, when he was last seen leaving the Rio home he shared with his wife, which was located near her family's residence in Nova Iguacu. The incident is another blow to Rio's image, just four months after it hosted the Summer Olympics. Crime in Rio has been rising and the state is deeply indebted, often unable to pay police and other salaries on time, if at all. The neighborhood where the car was found is dominated by powerful and politically connected armed groups comprised mostly of off-duty or retired police and firefighters who control vast areas. They often extort residents in exchange for keeping drug gangs from taking over the areas. The armed groups have grown for several years and often curry favor with local politicians by promising to deliver votes from entire neighborhoods as long as authorities allow them to carry out their crimes. ($1 = 3.2532 reais) (Additional reporting by Brad Brooks in Sao Paulo and George Georgiopoulos in Athens; Editing by Toni Reinhold and Mary Milliken)

The intended victim, a 43-year-old man who has not been named, says his wife tried to lure him into bed and encouraged him to perform oral sex on her. His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unusual odour emanating from her private parts and, fearing she was unwell, took her to hospital, Brazil's Tvi24 reports. Medical tests revealed she had doused her vagina with enough of the unspecified toxin to kill both her husband and herself.

Felisberto Sampaio, 43, and his wife, Inalda Sampaio, 42 lead the Assembly of God Church in Quixaba, Paraíba. The family was visiting Paraíba city of Lucena for a few days and went to the beach on January 10.

According to police, Robson is suspected of fatally stabbing his wife, Manami Aramaki, and daughter, Lily at their apartment in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, between 4 p.m. on Aug 20 and 10:30 a.m. on Aug 21.

@factchecerk, you might want to check your facts. The guy stabbed his daughter on August 20/21. He flew to Brazil on August 22. The wife's father called the police on August 24, at which time the cops went to the apartment and found the bodies. Now, I'm in no way a fan of the J-cops, but I fail to see how this is an any way their fault that he fled the country since they didn't even know about the crime until 2 days after the dude was gone.

Wow! This really hits home for me since I usually pass this station on the way to my work. It's on the Nankai local line. Actually, when my wife heard this, she asked me where my former co-worker was from because my co-worker has a wife whose quite the nutter, because she was bullying him off and on for years, even pulling knives on him (once in the presence of his brother visiting from England). My co-worker and his family lives not far from Hatsushiba. She also asked me his daughter's name, too. But, fortunately, it turned out that it was a different family all together.

Probably he killed his wife in a rage over an argument, my guess is money or an affair. She was stabbed 10 times and beaten which is particularly violent. Then he couldn't escape leaving the child alive.

And now the slimy Brazilian murderer has paid an equally slimy Brazilian lawyer to protest his innocence! The murderer's blatant insouciance beggars belief! He had a beautiful wife and a precious child; he has destroyed all of that; and he is now attempting to save his own worthless self...

Case No. 2: Male American victim from Washington State; Female Alien Spouse from Bolivia. The alleged American victim claims he was falsely accused of domestic violence by his spouse, and by the director of legal services of a Washington State women's shelter, in an attempt by his wife to secure immigration status under the Violence Against Women Act. The latter filed for protection orders for the alien. The American alleges his spouse attempted to strengthen her case by "[self]-inflicting bruises" prior to filing legal actions. The American claims to have "lost [his] house, car, and a significant portion of his two children's development." The alleged victim served his country for 20 years, including in Iraq, where he felt his return was not certain. Now he feels he has been targeted by VAWA.

The American claims that throughout the marriage, she was fixated on obtaining legal permanent residence status (LPR) while showing disinterest in their actual relationship. In turn, he filed for divorce and refused to endorse her LPR. Later, he learned his wife had made abuse claims and filed a VAWA self- petition I-360. The American alleges that a taxpayer-funded women's shelter assisted his ex-wife with a one-sided domestic assessment that lacked a proper investigation. She purportedly received LPR status (i.e., a green card). 041b061a72


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