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YouTube 4.4.2 APK: A Guide to Downloading and Using the App on Android

Ok, so my old trusty tablet, the tab 4 7.0 (T230NU) has every google app working perfectly fine, except for youtube. Don't ask me why, these idiots decided to stop supporting 4.4.2, and the older versions of the app give me a 400 server error. How can I watch youtube on my tablet now?

Get Version4.4.2Dentex Youtube Downloader APK old version 4.4.2Download Dentex Youtube Downloader APK old version 4.4.2 for Android phones and tablets from the original developers on Google Play or other store. Please read all the information about the APK file so you can know that it is the correct Dentex Youtube Downloader APK old version 4.4.2 that you are looking for. Check if newer updated version is available.

download youtube apk 4.4.2

Android 4.4.2Firmware version rowVersion du noyau 3.3.0daisy@coma-server#12260162018Numéro de build KOT49H.20150122Processor type QuadCore-A31 SeriesEtat SELinux ApplicationI'm able to find litterature about Allwinner (four ARM Cortex A7 CPUs, ...) but nothing telling me which file of three present in archive I must download ...Help !Sure if youbget time to answer ...Thanks anyhow !Michel


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