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FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00 Download

captain sim comes with a very nice set of mission files. you can either download a mission from the included archive, or go online and download one. the mission files are good, even if they are from the 1990s. most of the missions are excellent, but some are a little short.

FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00 download


as far as the three-dimensional files go, captain sim 737-200 base is a nice package. there are two model files, one for the aircraft and one for the equipment. you don't need the equipment model file, because it will use the aircraft model file, but it's nice to have. the aircraft model file is quite detailed, so i recommend that you use it, but i also recommend that you export it to a separate file.

flightgear is a very nice flight simulator. it is a free flight simulator, so if you have a computer that has enough memory to run it, you can download it, and you will be able to fly a 737-200 in it. there are very few problems with it. the biggest one is the way that it looks in the fmc. in flightgear, the whole thing looks like this. when you're flying in fs2004, it looks like this. when you're flying in fsx, it looks like this. it's a little disconcerting.

the cockpit is pretty clean, but it would be nice to see some more detailed markings or a little more wear. the paint looks a little flat, and the wheel wells have a lot of surface noise. it's almost as if the airplane is being painted on the fly and not really finished, but it's not bad. i don't like the seats, but they are the non-folding variety, which are pretty popular in the uk anyway. unlike the original, the pdcs is not modeled in the captain sim version. i don't think it will be included in future releases.


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